Pavilion Rental Request Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Start Time(Required)
End Time(Required)
Type of Party
I agree to and will have my party guests follow all club rules.(Required)
All activities at the pool must be completed by 8pm (Sun-Thu) or 9pm (Fri/Sat), unless otherwise noted. Noise levels at the party must be kept at a reasonable level to be courteous to our neighbors. If a party is closed due to rowdy behavior or noise levels a refund will not be issued.(Required)
I agree to clean up after the party and return the pool to the condition that I found it upon entry.(Required)
I agree to pay for any damages that occur as a result of my party or party guests. I understand that damages will be brought to my attention and will be billed to me after assessment of the costs has been determines.(Required)
I agree to assume any liability for the actions of my guests, while on pool property.(Required)
I agree that alcohol will not be served or consumed at my event, unless prior approval from the Board of Directors is received. If alcohol is served or consumed at my event, I accept full liability regarding compliance with all laws pertaining to the serving and consumption of alcohol(Required)
I agree that any non-members attending the party will require a guest pass. Guest passes can be purchased at a discounted rate in advance prior to the event or at the Front Check-in desk.(Required)
I agree to pay in full in advance of the party.(Required)
Cancellation Policy(Required)

Cancellation Policy: Your deposit reserves the date of your party and is non-refundable if cancelled for any reason
including anticipated rain.
Rain Policy: In the event of thunder/lightning the day of the party that results in not having the party, we will make an
effort to establish a suitable rain date. If we cannot come to an agreed upon date you will be issued a 50% refund of your
deposit. Parties that have commenced and were shut down due to thunder/lightning can receive a refund based on the
duration of the party, unless 3/4 of the time allotted has been used. ie a 2 hour party only lasts 1 hour. The cost of the
party is $600 - $200 deposit = $400/2 = $200 will be refunded. If the party continues despite the bad weather, no refund
is issued.