Executive Board

  • President – Kevin Cropper
  • VP of Operations – Randy Taylor
  • VP of Administration – Matt Sabo
  • Treasurer – Justin Ganley
  • Secretary – Tricia Brumbaugh
  • Past President – Kevin Miller

Non-executive Board

  • Swim Lesson Coordinator – Bonnie Taylor
  • Swim Team Coordinator – Maura Ward
  • Social Coordinator – Jerilynn Payne
  • Membership Coordinator – Shanea Bradley
  • Communications Coordinator – Katie Dalziel

Get involved with leading our pool:

Atholton Swim Club is led by a board of directors who are volunteers from our membership. There are several board positions open for the 2021 season. If your family has not served on the pool board in the past 5-6 years please consider it your turn.…we need your help so that no one family carries all the responsibility of keeping our pool open and successful. The defined responsibilities for each board position is outlined in our bylaws.

New ideas and new energy are always welcome! If you have an idea that you would like to partner with us on to improve the Club’s offerings please Contact Us.