Opening week: 7am – 12pm, every day

Hours subject to change! We will review usage and demand in the initial week and modify hours as needed.  Morning hours may need to be reduced in July as additional programming is added.  Evening lap swim hours may be considered.

You must be a member of Atholton Swim Club to access the lap swimming.  There will be no additional fee for lap swimming reservations.


  1. We will be using a reservation system for lanes. Reservations will be made through your Member Splash account.  (See below for details.)
  2. Time slots will be 50 minutes long, starting on the hour. Please exit the pool promptly when your time slot has elapsed.
  3. Please arrive up to 5 minutes before your reservation and no later than 10 minutes after the hour.  If you intend to swim less than the full 50 minutes, please arrive at the beginning of the hour.  
  4. Swimmers may only reserve one hour a day; no shows will be noted.  Please see the No-Show Policy below.
  5. 8 spots per hour will be available to reserve. There are no walk-ins.
  6. Two swimmers per lane. Swimmers should not stop at the same end of the pool at the same time unless in the same family.  (NOTE:  More than 2 swimmers from the same family are allowed to share a lane.  Please do not reserve more than two slots, however.)
  7. Lap swimming is for members only; no guests allowed.
  8. Plan to wear your suits to and from the pool. It is recommended to shower and change at home.  Limited outdoor showers and indoor changing stalls are available at the pool, if needed.

Check-In Details

  1. All members must have accounts fully updated with current pictures prior to arriving in order to decrease check in times.
  2. Check in for each hour begins no sooner than 5 minutes before the hour. Please remain in your car until then.
  3. Please stay 6 feet apart in line for check in.
  4. Members should wear masks when entering and leaving the main building.
  5. Picnic tables are set up and ready for use for your personal belonging; please bring a table covering.  Alternately, you may also bring your own chair or ground cover.

Reservation Process

  1. Reservations are required for the morning dedicated lap swimming.  At this time you will be able to make your reservation up to three days in advance.
  2. From, go to the “Swim & Pool” pool, and select “Lap Swim Reservations.”
  3. You will be required to sign in to your MemberSplash account (if you are not already logged in).
  4. Select an available time slot.  (Time slots that are at capacity will be grayed out.) Once you have selected your time slot, a window will appear for you to select which family member(s) will be swimming.

Regarding family member reservations: Do not select more than two family members in your reservation, even if three or more family members plan to swim laps.

  1. Each member may only make one reservation per day. Additional reservations will be removed by the administrator or manager.

Please insure that your MemberSplash account has correct cell phone and email contact information so that we can contact you efficiently in case of weather closures.


No-Show Policy

Making a reservation but not showing up takes away opportunities from other swimmers.  Beginning Monday, June 29 we will charge a $10 no-show fee for every reservation not kept.

Your account at allows you to cancel your own reservations.  (Instructions on cancelling reservations are now at the bottom of the reservation page.)  If you need to change a reservation, please do so as soon as you realize the schedule conflict.  

You must cancel reservations by 8pm the day before your reservation to guarantee that you will not be charged the no-show fee.

If you need to cancel after 8pm, you can still do so on the website, but you must also email the pool manager at so that the manager on duty can plan accordingly.