Atholton Swim Club:  A member-owned community club

We are a community, not just a community association. At ASC we believe in sharing the pool, laughter, and being neighbors. It is a unique place to watch kids grow, create memories and find a bit of adult peace as well as the freedom to goof-off no matter what your age.

We are managed with volunteer effort. The pool and all of its programs are a reflection of neighbors who care about our pool community and work to keep it paddling forward. Your energy and ideas are welcome and we encourage participation.

Our pool is not overcrowded. There is ample room to spread out, breathe deep and enjoy the summer. As a community member-owned pool, we can guarantee that there will always be space for you to enjoy – our crowded days are still spacious.

We offer great swim lessons. Our swim lessons have been respected in the local community for over 30 years and boasts of a WSI certified instructor staff.

We have a great swim team.  Member children ages 4-18 of all swimming abilities are welcome to join.

We are more than just a pool. We have a great facility and offer grills, tennis courts, play equipment and more. Check out all that our facility has to offer!

We still allow pool floats.  And, many types of silly pool fun.

We have a long 50+ year history.  We are a vital part of the local neighborhood and Howard County. ASC aims to continue serving the community with neighborly values and family fun for many more years.

We can’t wait to see you at the pool!