Central Maryland Swim League (CMSL) is hoping to implement as much of a summer swim team season as possible.  Final details are yet to be determined.  Atholton plans to host a summer swim team and participate in CMSL.  It is possible, and perhaps most likely, that all meets will be held virtually.

Interested in joining the Atholton Barracuda Swim Team?

We look forward to whatever season is possible in 2021!  Below are our current tentative plans.

Registration will open in May.  If you are interested in participating this season, you may pre-register by completing this survey.

Per league rules, all swim team members must have a family membership at the pool.

We hope to hold a Registration and Swim Suit Try-On Night in May.

Basic Skills: Youth must demonstrate that they can swim the length of the pool before joining the swim team. Youth who can swim, but cannot yet swim the length of the pool are encouraged to come and try swim team and may be able to join as a non-competitive team member for their first season while they strengthen their skills.

Ages: approximately 5 – 18


  • $125/swimmer
  • Each family will be asked to volunteer for meets and team events

Questions: Should be directed to Catherine Daly, swim team coordinator, at

Tentative Practice Schedule

June 1st –  June 15th: Afternoon Practice
Monday – Friday
4:00 – 5:00 pm (ages 11 and older)
5:00 – 6:00 pm (ages 10 and under)​

Wednesday, June 16th – end of season: Morning Practice
Monday – Friday
8:00 – 8:30 am (8&Under)
8:30 – 9:15 am (9-12 years old)
9:15 – 10:00 am (13 & over)



What is the Barracudas Swim Team?

  • We provide a rewarding, participative swim team experience for swimmers and their families. Swim team is a great way for children to learn recreational swimming.
  • We teach competitive skills and good sportsmanship with the emphasis on team spirit and fun, fun, fun!
    The Atholton Swim Club Barracudas Swim Team is part of the Central Maryland Swim League, one of the largest summer swim leagues in the country.
  • The team ranges in size from 50 – 100 swimmers.
  • All children (5-18) of ASC members are eligible to join the swim team.
  • Children should be able to swim the length of the pool to qualify for the team.
  • The season lasts approximately 9 weeks from the Tuesday after Memorial day to the last weekend in July.
  • We participate in 5+ meets a summer, including 2-3 home meets held at ASC.
  • Our nickname is the “Cudas” and our motto is “Can’t Catch a Cuda”
  • The Barracudas have many fun activities associated with the team. Pep rallies, spirit shirts, meet themes, prizes, a great party and many surprises await our Cudas

Swim Team Coaches

Head Coach

Details coming soon…

Maggie Reed

Maggie is a high school junior who is entering her 4th year of coaching at Atholton.  She has swam on multiple teams since she was 4 and enjoys success swimming any event.  Maggie also plays softball, has two siblings on the swim team, and often sings the National Anthem before home meets.

This year’s volunteer coaches:

Details coming soon…

(Contact swim team coordinator if interested.)